The 12 Days of Taproom

by Johnny Taproom

December 17th, 2010

Your favorite local beer-tender, Nancy Golombisky has done it again. The big chalkboard at the Taproom is always a source of clever and comedic adages and depictions. But this time, keeping with the holiday spirit, Nancy wrote “The 12 Days of Taproom”. Here is the lovely text.

“The 12 Days of Taproom”
by Nancy Golombisky

12 tacos steaming
11 pints a’pouring
10 wedges heaping
9 sides impressing
8 ribeyes grilling
7 salads brimming
6 oysters slaying
5 roasted wings
4 soccer nerds
3 old friends
2 new jokes you’ll love
and a HIGH FIVE that’s always for free!

Come check it out!