The Taproom Welcomes Buckbean Brewing Company from Reno Nevada

by Tap Tender

November 10th, 2010

The 12south Taproom is proud to offer Buckbean Brewing company beers available in 16oz cans. Yeah we got 12south Koozies but unfortunately they are not quite tall enough for these big boys. Their initial offering to our market includes Orange Blossom Ale, Tule Duck Red, and Black Noddy Lager.

Black Noddy- This is a Traditional Barvarian Schwarzbier style with a deep color and smooth rich flavor. Specially roasted malts give the black color and mild roastiness to this beer, while Munich, Caramel, and Honey malts add depth and character to the malt flavor. Moderately hopped with noble hop varieties to achieve a perfect balance and clean finish a great compliment to smoked grilled and roasted foods.

Orange Blossom- Inspired by the rich fragrance of bloomign orange groves: this copper colored ale combines the flavor and aroma of real orange tree flowers with a well balanced, full flavored ale to produce a real treat for the senses. Munich and light Caramel malts produce a creamy complexity, and ame3rican hops give the beer a bright refreshing bitterness and dry finish. The perfect compliment to tangy, herbal, or spicy foods, soft cheeses or pastries.

Tule Duck Red- (not pictured) A new twist on an American red ale. Tule Duck is reddish-brown with beautiful ruby highlights and beige head. The beer has a nutty, toasty malt aroma with grapefruit hop aromas. The beer has a medium toasty malt flavor with a light sweetness. Great when paired with heavy meat dishes like beef or pork.