We are bar people. When we go out to a bar, we go not to be seen, but to see our friends. We go for a beer list that is not only extensive, but designed to showcase beers of only the highest quality.

We are restaurant people. When we go to a restaurant, we go not just to eat but to share something special with our friends. We go to eat food made with love, forethought, and personality.

But as we found out, sometimes to get what you want you have to build it yourself. So we did.

Opened in June 2006, The 12 South Taproom & Grill has been committed to providing the 12 South Neighborhood in Nashville, TN with quality food, drink, and atmosphere. With an ambiance as eclectic as its patrons, the Taproom serves as an inviting home to all the residents of 12 South and beyond. Our hot and made-to-order culinary delights, distinct and well-crafted libations, and well-informed (and good looking) staff combine to create an experience that is simultaneously novel and intimately familiar.

We are honored to pour our hearts and our beer out carefully for you, our friends and our family. Join us at our home away from home sometime soon.